Encore What We Do

If one looks at an issue for too long in the same manner, it becomes difficult to see it in any other way. Encore’s goal is to provide new and insightful perspectives when examining your business needs. Our role is to provide the analysis and strategic options needed for the swift incisive decision making that is necessary to succeed in today’s competitive environment.

The comprehensive portfolio of services that we offer helps our clients plan for corporate growth, structure a company or business unit for improved performance, position a product for competitive advantage, and develop sales and marketing strategies for revenue enhancement, all in the context of a rapidly changing business climate.
No business or product strategy is complete without an actionable plan comprised of immediate and long term steps that can be implemented to generate desired results. Encore assists in establishing sound priorities and targets for companies, markets and products.

As founding member of Encore Management Solutions LLC, Roy M. Fuerstenberg provides guidance and insight to small to mid-sized companies and organizations based upon over 40 years of successful entrepreneurship, engineering, sales, marketing, and administrative management within numerous manufacturing, machine tool, electronic, and graphic arts companies.