Encore Testimonials

“It is rare that you find a business leader who knows how to set up and manage a well-run, efficient operation and has proven success with marketing and sales. Roy Fuerstenberg consistently did both over more than 18 years as CEO of Documation, LLC. Roy really knows how to deliver shareholder value.”

-Rick Olson, CEO, KRM Information Services, Inc.


“During the past 25 years I have come to regard Roy as a friend and advisor. I have watched him diligently build a small business into a strong, vibrant enterprise. This was not luck, it was hard work and great planning. It blended the best of what makes Roy ”tick”. He is both an engineer and a “bottom line” businessman and has the vision needed to succeed in today’s business climate. I would say that Roy is at his best when he is charting direction for a new venture or selling a new idea to his client or staff.

The world is full of “idea people” but most of them lack the ability to turn ideas into dollars. Roy’s ideas combine the best of both worlds, savings for his client and income for his company. Roy is not afraid of technology and has blended technological advances with hard work to produce a world class result for his clients. Roy now brings to the consulting field a vast knowledge and energy that will guarantee success. His ability to plan, design, execute, and deliver will help the growth of his clients. Consulting is a great deal like “coaching”. What do the major league teams do when they need a coach? They hire a *winner.*”

-Denny Burkart, Business Banker, Security Financial Bank


“I have had the privilege of being a business partner with Roy for many years. His marketing and sales skills are unparalleled in the industry today. Roy possesses a true understanding of what defines a partnership with an uncanny ability to be anticipative and proactive on clients’ needs, and his work ethic is one that others could only hope to emulate. A class act in every sense of the phrase!”

-G.A. Taylor Fernley, President & CEO, Fernley & Fernley


“I have worked with Roy as a graphic arts supplier to Documation LLC for nearly 20 years. His knowledge is broad ranged, he’s tough, one of the best business persons I have ever known, and above all a loyal friend. Anyone would gain from his business advice.”

-Randy Peters, President, The Mosaica Group, LLC


“Roy Fuerstenberg has been a business partner with The Harrington Company and its clients for almost two decades. Throughout this long-term partnership, Roy and his company Documation have been able to deliver the whole package, timely service, quality products at a very competitive price. Roy’s vast business knowledge and successful experiences would bring value to any business seeking his insight.”

-John Patrick Francis, President, The Harrington Company