Encore Services Business Development

One area of expertise provided by Encore is help to grow small companies during the initial stages of their development.

Here’s how:

1. Listening
One of the most undervalued skills on the planet is the ability to listen actively—to truly understand where someone is coming from. Encore tries to understand your situation so that we meet your company’s needs by delivering the most relevant, effective ideas. Encore can help you get to the heart of an issue, and you can get the results you really want.

2. Empathy
It’s easy to stop caring about your clients when you hide behind a veneer of professionalism and self-interest. Encore cares and will be truly invested in your success on an emotional level. You want to collaborate over the long haul; why do that with someone who’s only marginally interested in you and what’s important to you? Frankly, why collaborate with any consultant who’s anything less than 100% interested in you achieving your goals?

3. Principles
The kind of work it takes to grow a company to the next level differs across businesses and even across time. So you may have one expansion strategy. Later on you may have another. Your competition may have a different plan. At the same time, there are basic principles to apply in every situation, and it’s by applying those fundamental principles that you see breakthroughs in communication, expansion, reliability, sales—you name it. Encore will ensure that our principles resonate with yours.

4. Trust
Anyone, literally anyone, can slap a title onto a business card and start a company in this field. That might not be such a bad thing since it brings a broad array of styles and experience to the table. However, what it means to you is to simply make sure you’re working with a team you can count on in two ways: first, to do what we say we’re going to do, and second, to empower you to achieve your desired business results.

5. Accountability
Many business development consultants or companies evaluate your enterprise and deliver a laundry list of features to integrate into your current process. They tend to give you the answers and then look to you to implement all of their recommendations. In fact, that’s a very common practice. There’s also nothing wrong with it, if you’re going to do what they tell you to do. See, advice is cheap. Will you actually take action to follow all of their suggestions? Or will you just implement what’s easy instead of what has the most potential to generate the highest revenue? If there’s no accountability structure in place, many people will gravitate towards easy, safe, busy work instead of doing what will make the most difference in your business. Encore will hold you accountable effectively, so that we can empower you to overcome whatever obstacles are in the way of effective performance in the areas that will make the most difference, not just the areas that are easy.